Student Delegates 2019

Civic Spirit Students meet with the NYC Service team

On Friday August 16th, in follow up to Civic Spirit Day, a select group of Civic Spirit Student Delegates confidently presented their ideas for youth engagement to the NYC Service team, an Office of the Mayor.

The presentation was based on 5 weeks of substantive research, brainstorming, team building, collaboration, and careful preparation by the students, during summer no less! The students rehearsed several times “digitally” and in person the morning of the presentation at a Chase ATM.

The NYC Service government staff were floored. They were awed by the students and stated several times that they learned insights from the students’ presentation that they will put into action right away.

We ended our visit with a historic tour of NYC City Hall where the founding of America has its roots. The students loved being inside a monumental building from the early 1800’s and had great questions for the NYC Historian who led the tour.

America is a rich tapestry of diversity; the Civic Spirit students blended their unique perspectives to create a beautiful, optimistic, and invested youth voice.

One of the main goals of Civic Spirit is to create friendship across difference. It was clear that the opportunity to work together, create together, and make change together was an invaluable unifying experience to bridge and build bonds across distinct demographic diversity.