Our Mission

Civic Spirit educates, inspires, and empowers schools across faith traditions to enhance civic belonging and responsibility in their student, faculty, and parent communities. 

Through professional support and student programs, Civic Spirit prepares the next generation to be knowledgeable, ethical, and active participants in the civic life of their community and the political life of our democracy.

What We Elevate

Civic Spirit is committed to comprehensive civic education, a multi-disciplinary approach that gives students yearning for political freedom, a sense of belonging in their community and country, intellectual ownership over their inherited democratic tradition, urgent civic skills, and the commitment needed to build a more perfect union.   


Emotional connection to community and country is the first step towards civic faith & responsibility.


Knowledge of America’s intellectual & political traditions prepares students for a self-governing society.


Competency in civil discourse, media literacy, and problem-solving teaches collaboration & engagement.

Our Vision

We envision a country in which every student reaches voting age with the virtues and skills to better the civic life of our democracy.

Why We Work with Faith Communities

Civic Spirit builds civic opportunities within and between faith communities. Here is why.

Because it
is needed.

Over 4 million students attend religious education in America and are in need of comprehensive civic education.

Because faith anchors civil society.

For over 50% of Americans, faith anchors private life and communal behavior, enriching the social infrastructure of our country, while providing a place where democratic habits are formed.

Because this is
our calling.

Our team of expert historians, political scientists, religious leaders, and educators are uniquely capable of understanding the benefits and challenges of working at this essential crossroad.