Lindsay Bressman

Student Delegates Take NYC

On Friday August 16th, in follow up to Civic Spirit Day, a select group of Civic Spirit Student Delegates confidently presented their ideas for youth engagement to the NYC Service team, an Office of the Mayor. The presentation was based on 5 weeks of substantive research, brainstorming, team building, collaboration, and careful preparation by the students, during summer …

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Civic Spirit Day Evaluation

As part of our commitment to honest reflection and continuous improvement during the pilot phase, Civic Spirit hired Daniel Olson, an embedded evaluator, who attends all Civic Spirit training events and student programming and is tasked with gathering qualitative and quantitative data to guide Civic Spirit’s methodology and strategy. With support from The Covenant Foundation, …

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Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the Civic Spirit network! We are currently exploring ways to serve schools throughout the United States. Please complete THIS FORM. We will be in touch about upcoming resources as well as regional opportunities.

National Identity vs. Cultural Diversity

What’s the Debate? What is the basis of American national identity? Other nations throughout the world have answered this question in a variety of ways. Their citizens might be unified by common language, shared religion, perception of “blood” lineage, or some combination of these. When the former Yugoslavia broke up, Serbs and Croats who shared …

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