Our Annual

Student Design Challenges

For Civic Spirit students to connect, learn, and problem-solve collaboratively.

This year, Student Design Challenges will explore the theme, “What does it mean to be American?”

Student Design Challenges are opportunities for students from diverse schools & backgrounds to explore key issues in American life.

Each 90-minute challenge will bring students together to engage in text study, active listening, collaborative problem-solving, and the creation of a "deliverable product" to bring back to their community. 

Student Design Challenges 2021-2022

Out of Many, One

Can we design a shared American story?

What is your personal American journey? Do you feel you belong? How does your faith inform this? What does it mean to belong? What barriers to belonging exist in America?

Challenge #1: Nov 21, 2021

The Road to Belonging

Can we design a sustainable path to citizenship?

What defines American citizenship? Can you pass the test? What is the process to citizenship? How does immigration vs. refugee status differ? Does citizenship equal belonging?

Challenge #2: Feb 6, 2022

Paving the Way

Can we design ways to support those seeking citizenship?

What are the responsibilities of a citizen? What are barriers to citizenship? What is your/my role in helping others overcome barriers to citizenship? How might we do this together?

Challenge #3: May 29, 2022

Program Details

Who should sign-up?

Students who:

  • are passionate about participation in civic life
  • are eager to practice listening
  • are excited to meet students from other communities and backgrounds
  • want to strengthen their problem-solving skills

Is there a deadline?

Do I need to attend all three challenges in order to participate?

You can join for one, two, or all three challenges!

Is there a cost?

Nope, Student Design Challenges are entirely free.

Where & When are Challenges held?

For the 2021-22 school year, all Challenges will be held virtually over Zoom. 

All 90-minute sessions will begin at 6pm Eastern Time and end at 7:30pm Eastern Time.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Email tiphanie@civicspirit.org with any questions.

[At a Civic Spirit event], I was able to step out of my comfort zone and talk about real issues with my peers. This is an important thing to learn.

It is my responsibility to have difficult conversations with family members and friends …[to do so] I must continue to further educate myself.

I built better listening skills. I learned that it's important to actively listen to what people are saying and really understanding before formulating a response.