Civic Learning Tools: The Vote

We recently learned about three excellent nonpartisan resources for integrating voting into the virtual or in-person classroom.

  • Sign up for this interactive workshop with Vote By Design.
    • Offered FREE in honor of National High School Voter Registration Week (September 21st – 25th).
    • Students will navigate the heated intersection of politics and personal values.

  • Help students write their political autobiography.
    • A brilliant tool provided by civil discourse experts, Essential Partners which encourages conversation with parents.
    • Discuss the plasticity of political philosophy in a person’s life.
    • Explore intellectual humility using Character Lab’s Playbook.

  • Study up on the midterm election during the Spanish flu.
    • Encourage students to consider the similarities and differences of voting during a pandemic with this 1918 PSA reminding citizens to: “Wear your mask and take your pencil to the polls!”