Civic Spirit @HOME

In the era of COVID-19, we launched Civic Spirit @HOME—a virtual month-long “Civic Spirit Day.”

Our program comprised of 3 sessions and over 100 students joined over the course of the three days.

Session 1: Community Building & Census 101

Students from 10 different Jewish and Catholic schools in New York, New Jersey, and California joined for the first session.  We discussed the origins and function of the U.S. Census in guiding our country’s democratic process of:

Session 2: Brainstorming & Designing Solutions to Current Civic Issues

At Session 2, we unpacked the challenges the Census Bureau faces with with Hard-to-Count populations and consider the value of information in creating Public Service Announcements.

Session 3: Problem Solving and Implementation

At Session 3, we staged a plan for disseminating our own PSAs!


Get inspired at home while listening to our Civic Spirit @HOME playlist.