Courses, Clubs, and Projects

Civic Spirit Educators are currently in the process of creating different courses and clubs to cultivate civic learning within their schools. Throughout the year, Civic Spirit Scholars will design and implement civic action and engagement projects within their community.

Central Civic Arts Performance

On November 20th, Central hosted its first ever Civic Arts performance. Students in Audi Hecht’s Civic Spirit class wrote and performed poems, soliloquies, and songs to amplify key milestones of American history and highlight opportunities to create “A More Perfect Union.”

MTA/YUHSB hosts panel on Power, Politics, and Leading a Nation

Moderated by MTA Principal for General Studies Dr. Seth Taylor, the panel discussion covered a wide range of topics from the major challenges facing US leaders to understanding economic policies, and the relationship between politics and economic equality.

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The Heschel School hosts Ruth Messinger

Ruth Messinger, former President of American Jewish World Service (AJWS), New York City City Council member, and Manhattan Borough President addressed the High School about civic engagement and the responsibility to be involved in creating change for the future. Messinger stressed the idea that voting is a civic responsibility. She spoke about the importance of knowing the issues, saying that “opinions come easy. Knowledge is harder. Study leads to action.”

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