Educator Coaching

We have found that one of the most effective ways to support educators in prioritizing and achieving their civic teaching goals is to provide personalized coaching.

As such, we have worked in partnership with teachers from a myriad of schools serving diverse populations of students. We focus on the existing strengths of the school and unique culture to help educators identify and create a plan for implementing new civic content, lessons, and exercises to help students develop a sense of belonging, democratic fluency, and confidence in using urgent civic skills. 

Creating a Utopian Government

Our Director of Education has partnered with Xaverian High School’s Navigating History Club leading text-based conversations to deepen student’s civic knowledge and responsibility. Learn More.

Do Your Values Match Your Vote?

In October, we facilitated a workshop for over 200 students, including at the Civic Spirit course at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, focused on the Role of the U.S. President.

Ma’ayanot Congress Project

The Co-Directors of Humanities Enrichment have developed a new initiative, “The Congress Project,” to encourage bipartisan collaboration and democratic fluency for the legislative process.

Curricular Mapping at Luria

Through school-wide, year-long projects, a Director of History at an Open Orthodox middle school has successfully integrated the Civic Spirit Shared Aims in enhancing civic responsibility within the community culture.