Educators Cohort

Advancing civic learning from the classroom to the cafeteria.

A 12-month program for educators to advance civic learning in their schools.

Providing professional learning, individual support, and a network of peers, the Educators Cohort brings together educators from schools rooted in a faith tradition who are committed to exploring the unique possibilities of civic learning in the context of communities of faith.

Over the course of the year, participants will develop their knowledge and skills as civic educators and introduce new approaches to their classroom and school community.

Program Components

Learning Gatherings

Beginning with the Summer Institute, participants will convene (virtually) throughout the year to learn together and gain new skills and resources to bring back to the classroom.

Sessions will include text-based seminars with leading scholars, interactive workshops on teaching civic skills, goal setting and curriculum planning, and discussion exploring the intersection of religion and civic life.

Pedagogical Coaching

Throughout the year, participants will have access to ten hours of coaching per school and one consultative site visit (in-person or virtual) from Civic Spirit’s Director of Education and Pedagogy.

Coaching sessions can focus on applying new approaches in the classroom, identification of resources, project development, or other topics related to cultivating civic learning in the school environment.

Core Project

Participants will identify two goals for enhancing civic learning during the 2021-22 school year, and develop a core project for their classroom or school that addresses at least one of those goals.

Projects can include a new curricular unit, elective course, experiential program, or student club. Participants will present the design, outcome, and reflections on their project at the closing gathering in July 2022.

Program Details

Who should apply?

The Educators Cohort is designed for small teams of 2-3 educators from middle or high schools rooted in a faith tradition.  At least one educator must be a history/social studies teacher, and at least one educator must have administrative responsibilities beyond classroom teaching.  We encourage educators from across disciplines (e.g. social studies, literature, religious studies) to apply.

We seek applicants who are committed to their own learning and growth and who are eager to be a part of a diverse community of educators with a range of viewpoints, experiences and backgrounds.

When are the gatherings?

  • Summer Institute:  August 2-5, 2021 / 10am – 3pm ET
  • Community of Practice Sessions: Five 90 minute sessions throughout the school year
  • Closing Gathering: July 2022 / Date TBD

For the 2020-21 program, all gatherings will be held virtually.

What are the participation expectations?

The full school team (2-3 educators) is expected to attend the Summer Institute and the Closing Gathering.  For the community of practice sessions, one educator per team is expected to attend.

Are there other requirements to know about?

Participants will be expected to complete (light) reading in advance of each gathering.

How much does it cost?

Due to generous support from funders, the subsidized fee for participating is $500 per team (includes 2-3 educators).  If cost is a barrier to participating, partial scholarship funding is available.

What is Civic Spirit's approach to civic education?

Civic Spirit’s multi-disciplinary approach seeks to foster civic belonging, democratic fluency, and urgent civic skills in students who are coming of age while navigating our complex civic and political life.  You can read more about our approach here.

What else will my school gain from participating?

Participating schools will be invited to nominate up to five students to apply for Civic Spirit’s Student Delegates Program.  Schools will also be given priority access to other Civic Spirit offerings throughout the year.

Who teaches in the Educators Cohort?

The Educators Cohort is facilitated by cross-disciplinary scholars, facilitators, and Civic Spirit staff. See here for faculty from our recent We the Educators program.

How do I apply?

Applications for this year’s cohort are closed. If you are interested in applying for the 2022-2023 cohort, please contact Yael Steiner at

The connections that our teachers have made through the Educators Cohort have been an invaluable resource both for brainstorming big ideas and planning on the ground practical experiences for our students."

-Beverly Segal, Associate Principal, Yeshiva University HS for Girls

Thank you for an incredible week of learning and growing--I can’t wait to plan for the year and make a difference with our students."

-Caitlin Kerwin, Cohort 1 Educator, La Salle Academy