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How The Jazzmen Transformed America

Zoom - Open to the Public

Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Count Basie were not just toe-tappingly brilliant musicians, they were social reformers. The jazzmen opened America's ears and souls to the magnificence of their melodies, ensuring that race, for once, fell away as America listened rapt. In celebration of Juneteenth, biographer Larry Tye will share this untold side of our trio of maestros, showing […]

Overcoming Antisemitism in America

Zoom - Open to the Public

While the alarming increase in Antisemitism in the United States is cause for concern, Norman Finkelstein shows us that this is just the latest iteration of prejudice and hatred on these shores. This session will explore his final book, Saying No to Hate: Overcoming Antisemitism in America, to understand as much the current crisis as […]

Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in the Civics Classroom

Zoom - Open to the Public

In this session with Michael Jabbour, Microsoft U.S. Education Chief Innovation Officer, educators will explore opportunities to utilize AI in the classroom to offer personalized learning and make complex concepts more accessible. We will discuss ways to use AI to create interactive simulations and models to illuminate civic processes and responsibilities. We'll also consider how […]