Media Literacy Challenge

Can you trust your news feed?

In today’s media environment, most of us are exposed primarily to articles, messages, and posts that reinforce our existing way of thinking. Yet, there is tremendous power in understanding the logic of “the other side” for the purposes of problem-solving.

It’s time our students learn how.

Introducing: Our first-ever Media Literacy Challenge!

TOPICS coming on Tuesday, February 25th!


Investigate the Sides

Download the Challenge Newsletter Template and get started reading and discussing.

The Official Rules

1. Students can use any of the following sources for creating their newsletter.

  • News articles
  • Editorials
  • Op-eds/commentary
  • Academic papers
  • American founding documents

2. The newsletter must use at least SIX (6) sources. THREE (3) must be from the past 6 months.

3. Students must work in teams of 2-3 people. When you submit your newsletter, please be sure to include everyone’s names.


All students ages 13-19 years old are invited to participate.

Read & Discuss

  1. SUBSCRIBE for a daily digest of the best op-eds and analyses from “The Left” and “The Right” (liberal and conservative media).
  2. DISCUSS your daily emails with friends:
    • Where do you agree?
    • Where do you vehemently disagree?
  3. CHOOSE 2-3 students with whom you want to enter the contest.

Media Literacy Resources

  • Check out this chart from AllSides to see where the most common media publications fall on the political continuum. THIS explains how AllSides determines their assessment of press’ political leanings.
  • HERE is a “toolkit” we put together with media literacy resources for helping students navigate the news.

The Challenge Reward

The winning submission will be read by tens of thousands of Flip Side subscribers across the country. The winners will also be invited to attend a private lunch (if New York-based) or Zoom meeting (if remote) with:

For questions, email

Official Sponsors of the Media Literacy Student Challenge

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