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Grateful Citizen. Sh’Ma Now of The Forward. March 4, 2019.

Teaching Civics in the the Age of Polarization
Hayidion: The Prizmah Journal. February 12, 2019.

Episode 17: I’m Curious Why You Feel that Way, with Tamara Tweel, Part 1. 
Radical Moderation. Rabbi Ari Segal. November 2018.

Episode 18: I’m Curious Why You Feel That Way, with Dr. Tamara Tweel, Part 2. Radical Moderation. Rabbi Ari Segal. November 2018.

Conceived in Liberty (Keynote Address Transcript)
Conceived in Liberty (Keynote Video Recording)

Jewish Futures Conference: “For Which It Stands: How Can Jewish Civics Education Elevate American Democracy? December 13, 2017

Democratizing the Great Books
Inside Higher Ed: April 3, 2017

An Intimate Education
Inside Higher Ed: January 9, 2015


Engaging Religious Teens to be Active Citizens: Civic Spirit Day 2019
Jewish Link New Jersey: May 16, 2019.

New Education Focus On Old-School Civics
The Jewish Week: January 16, 2018

Teaching Civic Spirit in the Trump Era.
The Jewish Week: August 22, 2018

Be a Mensch as You Walk Through the World
The Covenant Foundation Sight Line: November 28, 2018


2019 Civic Spirit Day Evaluation. June 12, 2019.

2018 Civic Spirit Institute Evaluation_Executive Summary
Executive Summary: September 10, 2018

Summer Institute Full Evaluation
October 31, 2018