Teacher Prompt: Prayer For America

The Prayer For America contest
was a success!

We had +50 inspiring prayer submissions from all across our Civic Spirit network. Hear our students’ prayers for the future of their communities and our democracy.

The Prayer for America campaign is designed to:

Give students

an opportunity to create their own prayers and wishes for their democracy.

Give older Americans

insight into the prayers of the next generation.

The Student Prompt

Since our country’s founding, many among us – citizens, immigrants, religious communities, veterans, and schools – have recited prayers for the country. Prayer is as much a form of gratitude and praise as it is a request or a wish.

Today, we ask you to create your own prayer for America.

What are you grateful for?
What do you hope for a government designed by and for the people?

Two students will be chosen to read their prayers at Civic Spirit Day, and all student prayers and hopes will appear on our website as well as woven into a tapestry featured on the walls of Civic Spirit Day. 

Civic Spirit is honored to partner with respected public art luminaries For Freedoms in launching Prayer for America, which calls upon students to use their creative voice and share their hopes for our country.

For more information, please contact:

Photo Credit: From For Freedom’s 50 State Initiative in 2018, Photographs by Hank Willis Thomas + Emily Shur, used courtesy of For Freedoms.