Professional Development Offerings

Civic Spirit’s Professional Development workshops provide teachers with a framework for teaching civics.

Our workshops offer a content and skills-rich approach, equipping educators to foster meaningful discussions and active learning experiences for their students. Educators will have the opportunity to reflect on and process their individual work and practices throughout the workshops, ensuring a personalized and transformative learning experience. We understand that each school community has unique needs and interests, and our program is fully customizable, allowing you to choose from abridged or comprehensive learning experiences based on your aims.

Below is a list of our current Professional Development offerings. These can be customized to your educational community; we can create additional workshops to reflect your aims and objectives.

Teaching Election 2024: Red & Blue Badge of Courage
In the evolving political landscape, preparing our students to engage in the upcoming Election 2024 demands thoughtful approaches and enhanced pedagogical skills. This workshop is designed to equip educators with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively teach about the electoral system, cultivate critical thinking, and explore the key issues at stake in the 2024 election. Additional elements will include demystifying the electoral process, analyzing recent shifts in our political climate, and exploring a contentious field in a non-partisan manner.

Drawing the Line on the Free Speech Spectrum
In a value-based nation and community that cherishes free expression, educators face the intricate challenge of creating intellectually vibrant academic settings while fostering inclusivity and respect. This workshop will examine noteworthy historical, political and legal aspects of free speech and evaluate their role in the realm of education. Educators will be prepared to strike the delicate balance effectively and gain a solid understanding of the free speech landscape and how it impacts your classrooms and students.

National Growth Mindset: Bridging Rights with Responsibilities
As educators, finding an equilibrium between encouraging expansive freedoms and instilling a sense of responsibility is pivotal in shaping the next generation of engaged citizens. In this workshop we will explore the fundamental question of harmonizing rights and responsibilities while navigating our country’s bedrock principles of freedom. Using this lens, participants will examine how this symmetry manifests in designing lessons and in impacting the broader school community.

Diversity and Intellectual Inclusion: What’s Your Civic Language?
In today’s rapidly evolving and interconnected world, embracing diversity and fostering intellectual inclusion is crucial for personal growth, professional development, and the success of any organization or community. This interactive workshop will allow educators to consider what intellectual diversity means for their classrooms and school communities, and propel students to cultivate and appreciate multiple perspectives in our shared society.

American Pride and Un-American Prejudice: Fostering Civic Identity while Navigating Dissonance
How can we nurture in our students a love of country and civic belonging amidst a host of historical and contemporary complexities? Participants will explore the challenges that educators face in this vital enterprise, while also identifying channels for instilling students with increased affinity and agency toward our nation, its institutions and the pursuit of a More Perfect Union.

For more information about bringing a Civic Spirit professional development experience to your school or community please contact Audi Hecht, Director of Education and Innovation at