The Hope of Our Students

WARNING: Reading the following will inspire you.

We have just launched our Civic Spirit Student Delegates program. Learn about the program HERE. The students’ applications have encouraged our sense of optimism in the next generation. Here are their answers!

Why are you applying to become a Civic Spirit Delegate?

I hope to learn how to ignite change and be able to meet new people and create new connections.

I’m applying to become a Civic Spirit Delegate because I want to learn more leadership skills and hopefully learn to meet new types of people. I learned about this program from my Civic Spirit Class, and it sounded interesting.

I wanted to join and hope to learn something new about society and improving it.

Everyone in America has the ability to make a difference in the political system, whether by lobbying, protesting, voting, or through such programs. By becoming a Civic Spirit delegate, I would be demonstrating a high sense of political efficacy and I would have an impact on a major, important issue – the 2020 census.

I am applying to become a Civic Spirit Delegate in order to learn more about civic issues and become more knowledgeable in this respect and be able to spread civic awareness. I hope to learn and experience what American citizenship means in relation to communities of faith. I’m also very interested in civics, to the extent that I have also started and co-lead the Civics Club at my school in order to engage other students in learning about important civic issues.

I am applying to become a Civic Spirit Delegate because I want to become more knowledgeable in civic issues, and I want to learn how I can contribute to help. I hope to learn ways to become an active participant in my community, and I hope to gain more problem solving skills. I also look forward to working with kids my age of different faiths and perspectives.

I’m applying to become a Civic Spirit Delegate because through being in my school’s Civics class, I have gained what I consider to be the most valuable knowledge, and I believe being a Delegate will allow me to apply that knowledge. I want to work with students from other schools and be able to share ideas that my classmates and I have developed together, and in return be able to listen to their ideas.

I’m applying to become a Civic Spirit Delegate because I am very interested in the government and civic issues but have felt like it is really hard for me to make a difference. I hope that through the program I can gain a deeper knowledge and experience on various topics in the government. Additionally, because I go to a private Jewish school, I am with many people who are similar to me. Being a Civic Spirit Delegate would offer me the opportunity to meet new people with diverse backgrounds.

I am very passionate about youth civic engagement, and I look forward to holding a voter registration drive in my school later this year. I feel that the Census is extremely important to our community and New York especially, because there are so many people and cultures here. We need to be adequately represented in the federal government, and we need the appropriate amount of resources.I hope to gain knowledge on the perspective of my peers, since I believe it is integral to understand all perspectives in order to find common ground and create change for the better.

Civic Spirit Student Delegates at City Hall in Manhattan, August 2019