Voting & Values Workshop

In partnership with student leaders from YVote and Vote By Design, Civic Spirit curated and hosted an immersive, non-partisan, digital learning experience for 200 high schoolers across eight faith-based private schools.

This session promoted democratic fluency, agency, and civic engagement among next generation voters.

Students first explored the official job of the U.S. President, defining the 6 roles a president is asked to perform which are outlined in Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. In consideration of these responsibilities, the students explored the leadership qualities, previous experience, and personal attributes that would best prepare an individual for the position of U.S. President. 

Students shared with one another what qualities and attributes they prioritize and practiced respectful listening, especially when their preferences differed.

As a synthesis of their constitutional learning and discussion, students were asked to create a Leadership Candidate Scorecard, outlining the top three values they will listen and look for the next time they are voting for an elected official.