We the Educators

A virtual civics symposium—teachers at the center, framing our democratic future.

What is it?

We the Educators is a three-week civics symposium for educators.

The symposium will focus on Civic Spirit’s educational pillars: Civic Belonging, Democratic Fluency, and Civic Skills.

Participants are invited to join 1-3 sessions.

Symposium Pillars

Civic Belonging

How can we help students feel they belong in their school, community & country?

Reflective Workshops:

Leading educators will introduce texts and share frameworks for cultivating civic belonging in the classroom.

Democratic Fluency

What pivotal American texts can illuminate this moment in our democracy?

Interactive Seminars:

Esteemed scholars will use essential texts to address and give context to the pressing civic issues of our day.

Civic Skills

In a polarized society, what key skills do students need in order to be engaged citizens?

Practical Workshops:

Expert facilitators will provide strategies for teaching urgent civic skills, such as media literacy and civil discourse.