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Educators Cohort

Advancing civic learning from the classroom to the cafeteria.

Signature Programs

Civic Spirit partners with the entire school ecosystem in order to infuse civic learning opportunities through school curriculum and culture.

Educators Cohort

The Educators Cohort is a selective 12-month program for educators committed to advancing their knowledge and skills as civic educators and bringing new approaches to their school. Through a combination of learning gatherings, individual coaching, and an implementation project, the Educators Cohort provides comprehensive support and a community of trusted colleagues.

Civic Spirit Day

Civic Spirit Day is a full-day gathering of students from Civic Spirit schools to connect and work collaboratively in designing solutions to civic issues. This event convenes 200+ students and educators, spanning diversity across socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, immigration status, and religion, to design solutions to civic issues and practice problem-solving across differences. This past spring, Civic Spirit Day was pivoted online to create a month-long Civic Spirit @HOME program, maintaining the same objectives and bridging relationships among the participants.

Student Delegates

The Student Delegates Program is a unique opportunity for a select group of student leaders from Civic Spirit schools to train as Civic Ambassadors. Students develop leadership skills, practice problem-solving and build bonds across distinct demographic diversity. Programming is based on our 3 pillars of civic education -civic belonging, civic skills, democratic fluency- and is framed around our 4 components of civic learning and skill-based training —history & primary sources, media literacy, civil discourse and problem-solving.

Pedagogical Coaching

Coaching is an individualized practice meant to support educators through collaborative processes and experiences. The educator and coach work to align civic education opportunities with each schools’ individual mission. Coaches facilitate professional development days, lead school workshops, develop cross-school events and support both lesson and curriculum design.

We the Educators

In a morally charged and politically evolving environment, Civic Spirit offers We the Educators, a three-week civics symposium, with teachers from organizations rooted in a faith tradition, shaping the future of our democratic life. The symposium will focus on Civic Spirit’s three educational pillars: Civic Belonging, Democratic Fluency, and Civic Skills, providing an opportunity to engage with leading scholars and offering practical tools to enhance civic learning.

Student Design Challenges

Student Design Challenges are opportunities for students from diverse schools & backgrounds to explore key issues in American life. Each 90-minute challenge will bring students together to engage in text study, active listening, collaborative problem-solving, and the creation of a "deliverable product" to bring back to their community.

Student Programs & Civic Design Challenges

Civic Spirit partners with the entire school ecosystem in order to infuse civic learning opportunities through the school curriculum and culture.

Prayer for America

In partnership with public art luminary, For Freedoms, students were invited to use their creative voice to share their hopes for our country. Two students shared their prayers at the May 2019 Civic Spirit Day, and passages from all the prayers were assembled together to create a beautiful “digital mosaic” of the students’ voices.

Media Literacy Challenge

In partnership with The Flip Side, a digital project designed for remote learning asks students to analyze, evaluate, and communicate a civic issue from two opposing lenses.

Media Literacy Day

Civic Scholars from De La Salle and Luria Academy of Brooklyn convened to learn strategies and tools that support the analysis and evaluation of media. Each participant concluded the session by pledging to use at least one tool the next time they read their news feed.

Interfaith Coffee Hour

Jewish and Muslim teens meet monthly to practice empathetic listening, share thoughtful story telling and use a design thinking approach to develop problem statements and possible solutions. This year’s pilot group is focusing on the far-reaching consequences of oil spills. Teens are using religious texts to ground their mission of environmental protection.

Voting and Values

In partnership with Vote by Design and YVote, students across the Civic Spirit network examined what is required of a leader responding to crisis and how to reframe the decision-making process of voting around the qualities associated with effective leadership. Students created their own “Candidate Scorecard” to help them thoughtfully frame future listening and decision making.

Bridge to College

In partnership with Bridge USA, recent high school graduates joined a remote workshop to learn practical and actionable skills around civic engagement at their university. The workshop concluded with participants developing a concrete action plan for becoming civically involved on campus.